Fireplaces...Sell Homes Faster and Increase Client Satisfaction

Fireplaces...Homebuyers Want Them!

  • Design-in the #1 most desired decorative appearance product1
  • Create a unique design focal point in any area of the home
  • A fireplace is one of the top "dream home amenities" for Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y buyers2

Fireplaces...You Will Grow Your Profits!

  • Builders will make at least $300 profit per square foot with fireplaces
  • Homebuyers desire personalization and are willing to pay for upgrades and options3
  • Optimize your client satisfaction and specify the "Right Fireplace for the Right Homebuyer"
  • Increase your home appraised value by $3500 on average4

Comply With Green Building Programs

  • With Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces, 100% of combustion by-product is vented outside the home
  • Green technologies like FireBrick and IntelliFire pilot systems conserve energy
  • EPA Certified Wood Burning Units exceed the strictest environmental standards

1 2013 NAHB "What Homebuyers Really Want"
2 2014 GfK Roper Report - Top Dream Home Amenity Research
3 2013 USA Today 24/7 Wall Street
4 Marshall & Swift Residential Cost Handbook