IntelliFire App


The IntelliFire™ app makes controlling a gas hearth appliance easy with leading-edge technology to control the fire features.

  • iOS/Android app that enables homeowners to interact with a smartphone or tablet from virtually anywhere inside or outside the home
  • Seamlessly integrates with select market speakers for voice control


The IntelliFire app is simple, smart, and safe making easy integration with other smart home features.


  • Convenience of turning on the gas hearth appliance from inside or outside a space
  • Turn on appliance from virtually anywhere and arrive home to a perfectly heated room  


  • Turn on the gas hearth appliance via voice-assisted smart speakers
  • Receive notifications to keep informed on appliance status


  • Check the appliance status from anywhere, giving the owner piece of mind

Good Design

Inspired by the need for intuitive control, IntelliFire app provides the essential features often requested by consumers:

  • Simple control at the touch of a finger or the sound of a voice
  • Works with a range of gas-hearth appliance categories from traditional to modern styles
  • Spans across multiple Hearth & Home Technologies, Inc. brands including: Heat & Glo, Heatilator, Majestic, Quadra-Fire, and Vermont Castings


Builder/Consumer Friendly

IntelliFire is not only easy to operate, it’s a technology that builders and consumers are demanding in their homes today. This technology will improve builder profitability and homeowner satisfaction.

  • An easy upgrade opportunity for Wi-Fi capable gas hearth appliances
  • A cinch to install – plug-and-play Wi-Fi module; just download the free app