When specifying a fireplace and hearth solution for your home or commercial designs, here are some considerations to ensure your design stands out to differentiate your property!

Hearth Design

The “hearth” is a term for all the elements around a fireplace, either extending into the room (i.e. stone hearth with limestone) or elements on the wall (i.e. stone, tile, marble, mantel, etc)


This look often features stone or brick around a fireplace, a mantel above, and may or may not have a hearth extension into the room.

Modern / Contemporary

This look is becoming popular with modern design fireplaces and often features tile, glass, metal and other unique decorative looks highlighting the fireplace


This look is also becoming more common, often mixing a traditional fireplace design with more contemporary decorative elements for a “transitional” room design

Comfort and Ambiance

Fireplaces today are enjoyed as much, if not more, for the décor and ambiance in a room versus the desire for supplemental heating. What does your client want?

Comfort and Ambiance

If this is the main goal, make sure you specify the right look, proportion of the fireplace as well as the many “heat management” accessories we can provide

Supplemental Heat

In some cases, consumers want both décor and truly extra heat in a room (i.e. a family room, 3 season porch, etc). Choose the right specification for this purpose.

Room Location

Where a fireplace is installed “in the room” will add not only the fireplace design focal point you want, but added functionality and purpose in the room as well.


The most typical installation where the fireplace is centered in the middle of a given wall, where the fireplace and hearth is the “central focal point of the room”


This look is becoming more and more common, especially with the use of modern linear fireplaces, where the fireplace of offset to oneside and the TV is offset to the other


A fireplace in the corner of the room, allows a focal point of design, while freeing up the rest of the wall for furniture, cabinetry, TV or other design elements.

Wall Location

Where a fireplace is located “on the wall” can provide a very dramatic look for your interior design.


The most typical installation, especially with more traditional fireplace looks, the fireplace is installed at the floor, either with a hearth or without a hearth


This look is becoming more and more common, especially with the use of modern linear fireplaces, where the fireplace is located off the floor, but not at mid-wall


This look is also becoming more comment, expecially with modern fireplace shapes and styles, where the fireplace is located in the middle area of the wall, between floor and ceiling

Multiple View Design

Often overlooked by architects and designers, multi-sided fireplaces offer unique looks in a room and a dramatic interior design element.


Enjoy the fire and ambiance from two different rooms with a “see-through” or “two-sided” fireplace. Excellent architectural design element and way to divide two rooms.


Enjoy the fire from multiple viewpoints with a “pier” fireplace or “three-sided” view. Another excellent architectural element in a room, often used in kitchens and bedrooms.